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We provide specialist courier collection and delivery services

During these uncertain times, the need for transporting specialist equipment and supplies has become more important than ever. With COVID-19 gripping the world, there’s a bigger demand for specialist goods to be couriered quickly.

No matter if you need next day delivery or pickup from our vehicles at short notice, Reliant is here to help move medical supplies, equipment and fragile goods across on a basis that's safe, professional, and with customer peace of mind as priority.

What are Specialist Courier Services?

Specialist courier services are, as the name suggests, services which handle particularly sensitive goods. When looking around delivery and courier service options elsewhere, you may find that you don’t necessarily get the excellent quality of care and support you expect for particularly fragile goods.

Our highly motivated and careful team makes sure to deliver to customers with the utmost care and attention. However, for more controlled delivery needs, you may wish to opt for one of our secure, specialist courier services to ensure you get the peace of mind required. 

specialist courier doctor testing patient with medical supplies for medical courier

We Handle All Specialist Goods

  • 1

    Covid-19 Testing Supplies

  • 2

    Bulk PPE Equipment Deliveries

  • 3

    Medical Equipment

  • 4

    Harmful Products

  • 5

    Radioactive Waste

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"My shipment was picked up and delivered with excellent service! Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with the results. Will definitely use this service again."

Fiona Linchin
CEO, Nyrato LTD

Why Choose Reliant?

Reliant is a name in UK courier service standards which many people are already happily shipping with. Our couriers are well versed in all kinds of deliveries and collection needs. Simply call our number, and you’ll have access to fragile shipping and security that you can trust. It’s not always easy to find an ideal solution for item transport at high sensitivity. We certainly encourage you to look for specialist transport options to make sure you get your fragile stock up and moving with care and precision.

Reliant offers fair and great valued courier services for sensitive products, such as documents and passport delivery. Part of our service dedication lies in the fact that no matter what you have to collect or send – whether in a few hours, the next working day or otherwise – we will always have sensitive, specialist options ready and waiting to take good care of your demands.

No matter the sector you work in, please always ensure that you hire a company that takes special care with sensitive stock. Just because a company of couriers states that they offer a cheap solution, doesn’t always mean that you are going to benefit from the level of care you deserve.

Always ensure to read full information about road couriers before you enter into any agreements. Your safety and security is our business, and we want to ensure you have access to secure shipping every day of the week – at great value.

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Can I have my parcel collected from my home or office?

As long as our drivers can safely pick up the item, without risk of injury, we can pick up and deliver it for you.

Do you have any packaging tips for using a courier service or parcel delivery company?

Yes, we have an article dedicated to helping you. Click here.

Do you offer a large parcel delivery service?

Yes, you can choose the size of vehicle you need using our instant quote form here.

Can I have a parcel collected and delivered to me same day?

Yes, you can. Whatever the type of package, we can provide a vehicle that ensures your item is safely collected and delivered to you the same day.

Is there a weight limit to send packages through a courier service?

Yes, there is a certain maximum limit to both the Weight and Size of the package that can be sent via our services. Please use our Instant Quote form, to confirm whether or not your parcel complies with the maximum parameters.

Are there any restrictions on what we can deliver?

Yes – certain items are classed as Restricted Items which means that though we can transport them, they are carried on a no-compensation basis (incase of loss and damage).

Customer Reviews

Reliant Couriers LTD

Customer Reviews

Didi Didi 18th January 2022


Tom Livingstone 03/09/2021

Excellent services from a reliable and trusted company. I always recommend them.

Natalie Spokes 24/11/2020

5 star service! Highly recommend.

Adamo Lucien 28/10/2020

Wow, if you need a courier Reliant Couriers Ltd is the best. No drama, no hassle, just excellent couriering. This was the easiest transaction of my life.

Ryan Hall 10/12/2019

5 Star Service, Sent a Pallet and Received it back a Week later as planned, Email confirmations of everything as it was happening. There was a Change of plan and I Added a second pallet for collection of 600kg £25,000 Machine and there was no Drama's what so ever. Will definitely use them again.