Sending Large & Heavy Parcels - Our Guide

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As simple as it is to send a large parcel with Reliant, we want you to be as prepared as possible for the big send off. Let us walk you through 10 easy preparation and precaution tips that you’ll need to establish before you send your parcel off with us. 

10 Tips

Pay attention to the size, weight, and shape of your box. If you were looking to ship an oversized parcel, you need to make sure the box is strong enough, and it fits properly to ensure it has maximum durable protection while in transit.

For added extra protection, fill the inside of the parcel with things like inflatable bags, packing peanuts, crumpled paper, bubble wrap, or thermocol. By doing this, it keeps the movement at a minimum whilst in transit.

Once you’ve lined your box with the added protection, be sure to secure the entire parcel with packing tape. Avoid masking tape, as this doesn’t offer much support. Instead, use heavy duty duct tape with proper adhesive or something similar to that.
Secure any necessary shipping labels, and/or customs documents tightly to the package.

If items inside are fragile, or delicate, protect the contents of the box with a strong exterior box or container.

To prevent any damage to your parcel, wrap each item inside of the parcel individually. This could be achieved by using bubble wrap, Sellotape and/or newspaper to tightly wrap and secure your fragile contents.

Be careful if you’re reusing old packaging. Through every journey, cardboard becomes weaker and weaker, which leads to less protection for your parcel. Having confidence in your box, will help protect your goods.

What exactly is considered large? Well, while there’s no specific classification for large goods. Things that need to be shipped on a pallet is usually placed within this category.

Shipping furniture can be extremely risky. We do not recommend shipping furniture unless they have been palletised.

Other large fragile household goods, such as glass tables, large ceramic items, or basins are not very suitable for transportation by courier unless they have been professionally palletised and packaged.

Having knowledge, and a good understanding of how to package and send off large parcels, can mean you’re not as restricted when transporting oversized items.

We can always help you to the best of our ability when it comes to preparing your shipment of any size, and rest assured, your packages are in reliable hands and on a safe route to their final destination!

Hopefully our tips have answered any questions you had.

If you do have any other questions don’t hesitate to give us a call on 020 7550 6589

Customer Reviews

Reliant Couriers LTD

Customer Reviews

Didi Didi 18th January 2022


Tom Livingstone 03/09/2021

Excellent services from a reliable and trusted company. I always recommend them.

Natalie Spokes 24/11/2020

5 star service! Highly recommend.

Adamo Lucien 28/10/2020

Wow, if you need a courier Reliant Couriers Ltd is the best. No drama, no hassle, just excellent couriering. This was the easiest transaction of my life.

Ryan Hall 10/12/2019

5 Star Service, Sent a Pallet and Received it back a Week later as planned, Email confirmations of everything as it was happening. There was a Change of plan and I Added a second pallet for collection of 600kg £25,000 Machine and there was no Drama's what so ever. Will definitely use them again.