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Many crucial healthcare services throughout the UK rely on medical delivery couriers day in, day out. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible for hospitals and surgeries to have access to all the medical equipment or supplies they need at short notice.

That’s where dedicated, experienced medical courier service operators come in. At Reliant, we have spent years establishing ourselves as a leading team offering urgent transfers with sensitivity in mind. From essential equipment for medical facilities to patient medication and even samples transfers, you can rely on our solutions to provide you with the top quality, highly efficient medical logistics you demand.

Not sure if you need support from medical courier services? Please make sure to keep reading, and do always contact our customer service team if you have a specific demand or concern that you would like to discuss with our experts in detail.

What Is A Medical Courier Service?

Medical couriers, UK based and elsewhere, specialise in delivering equipment, medication, samples and more to facilities in need of urgent supply.

For example, a hospital or GP surgery may need an urgent replenishment of diagnostic equipment. They may even need to replenish their stocks with pharmaceutical goods or medicine products to make sure that they can adequately treat their patients.

Ultimately, to keep some of the most talented, trained medical professionals delivering their utmost quality care, there needs to be a talented team of medical transport professionals on hand to support them.

Reliant offers a medication courier service to ensure that hospitals and pharmacies are always up to stock on medicine and treatment which they will have to offer in specialist cases.

Ultimately, a medical courier company will take on sensitive products and deliver them to important facilities to a secure, insured and reliable standard. If a facility is low on time, then they must rely on medical courier services which will get products and items to them within a quick delay.

In the medicinal and medical trades, time is always of the essence. Hospitals require essential equipment and solutions delivering as soon as possible. That’s why they call controlled, dedicated medical courier services that they can track and rely on throughout the year.

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What Can Medical Courier Services Handle and Deliver?

Specialist medical courier services with plenty of experience can handle and transfer all manner of sensitive goods to NHS and private medical facilities up and down the UK. For example, when a surgery or hospital is in dire or limited supply of medicine or drugs, they can turn to logistics solutions to get essential items on order as soon as possible.

One of the best reasons to get in touch with a delivery service is that you can rely on your consignments to be delivered on a regular basis. This means that even the most sensitive of items or tools can regularly dispatch and arrive at medical locations on a regular basis, as well as on demand.

Medical courier service drivers will also offer temperature controlled deliveries. This means that, in times of urgent delivery need, facilities may rely on a transport solution to deliver blood or even organ transplants. These demands are critical, which means that delivery will occur as soon as possible – time is of the essence.

Other clinical delivery services will include the shipment of crucial tools and treatment facilities to various posts throughout the UK. What Reliant will also offer to medical services is secure document delivery. For example, if a surgery, clinic or hospital needs access to a hard copy of patient documents at short notice, they can arrange for a consignment of pharmaceutical admin for tracking and short notice delivery with our same day and next day delivery services.

Struggling to track and trace your current medical transfers and courier services? It may be worth considering a switch.

Why Use Healthcare Courier Services?

The best in medical courier services will provide you with access to sensitive documents, equipment and even blood transfers as soon as possible.

At Reliant, we understand that the need for pharmaceutical equipment and support is absolutely crucial at short notice. That’s why our team is committed to offering a leading, efficient clinical delivery service up and down the UK. We have a wealth of information available for you to pore into online.

However, if it is your first time using this type of courier service, we strongly suggest you contact our team outright for more information as soon as possible.

No matter the sector you work in nor the people you care for, you are going to require help from a reliable service with plenty of experience across the year.

Obtaining medical items and products on your own is going to take more time and effort than you likely have available. The best way around these issues of demand is to line up a pharmaceutical supply chain with a company that supports medical deliveries across London and beyond. 

From pathology to sensitive documentation, we will make sure to meet you at your clinic door with all the support you demand to adequately care for your patients.

Why Choose Reliant?

Reliant is a name in courier services which supports all manner of businesses and industries. Our years of experience in driving and delivering sensitive material and items to British companies has helped us to branch out and meet the needs of more people than ever before.

With Reliant, you don’t just get access to affordable delivery and tracking. You have our complete assurance that you’ll receive a sensitive, careful approach to picking up and delivering some of the most fragile parcels you may ever need to handle. We understand that lives may be at stake – which is why we take the time to provide a transport service and customer service standards that you can rely on for all your medicinal demands. 

Looking for help from a responsible medical courier? Make sure to contact Reliant’s drivers today and set up a plan of action. Call us now or fill in our online form for us to contact you further.

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Can I have my parcel collected from my home or office?

As long as our drivers can safely pick up the item, without risk of injury, we can pick up and deliver it for you.

Do you have any packaging tips for using a courier service or parcel delivery company?

Yes, we have an article dedicated to helping you. Click here.

Do you offer a large parcel delivery service?

Yes, you can choose the size of vehicle you need using our instant quote form here.

Can I have a parcel collected and delivered to me same day?

Yes, you can. Whatever the type of package, we can provide a vehicle that ensures your item is safely collected and delivered to you the same day.

Is there a weight limit to send packages through a courier service?

Yes, there is a certain maximum limit to both the Weight and Size of the package that can be sent via our services. Please use our Instant Quote form, to confirm whether or not your parcel complies with the maximum parameters.

Are there any restrictions on what we can deliver?

Yes – certain items are classed as Restricted Items which means that though we can transport them, they are carried on a no-compensation basis (incase of loss and damage).

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Didi Didi 18th January 2022


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Excellent services from a reliable and trusted company. I always recommend them.

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5 star service! Highly recommend.

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Wow, if you need a courier Reliant Couriers Ltd is the best. No drama, no hassle, just excellent couriering. This was the easiest transaction of my life.

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5 Star Service, Sent a Pallet and Received it back a Week later as planned, Email confirmations of everything as it was happening. There was a Change of plan and I Added a second pallet for collection of 600kg £25,000 Machine and there was no Drama's what so ever. Will definitely use them again.