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Reliant is – as our name suggests – a reliable company. We’re specialist couriers for large parcels. This means that, when you want to send a large parcel, unlike some of the more common cheap large parcel delivery UK services you might find elsewhere, our team puts their all into setting up a large item pickup and delivery service that offers genuine care and expertise.

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For us, it’s all about value. Need a courier service for large items which won’t break the bank? At the same time, you should be looking for more than just cheap parcel collection and delivery. If you have to send a large parcel or package that’s heavier than the average, or too large to travel through Royal Mail or Hermes, it’s time to call on Reliant delivery services instead.

We are proud to be a flexible courier and logistics partner for many local firms and businesses. Business never sleeps – and therefore, you should always have access to a courier service which can get your packages on the road, safely and efficiently, when your clients and recipients demand them. 

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Take The Stress Out Of Your Large Parcel Delivery

While it may seem cheaper or more convenient to courier heavy items through traditional Royal Mail or private couriers, this is not always going to be the case when sending large parcels.

You’ll find that the Reliant standard will ensure your large goods are picked up safely and securely to timescales you can set your watch to. Why not reach out to Reliant, a specialist courier of large items, to help get your bigger goods up and moving?

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"My shipment was picked up and delivered with excellent service! Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with the results. Will definitely use this service again."

Fiona Linchin
CEO, Nyrato LTD

Why Should I Use a Large Item Courier?

There are plenty of great reasons why you should hunt down a courier for large items. You might be running an automotive service and might need help moving large vehicle parts. You might even be looking for a large items courier service that will help you transport white goods to your kitchen showroom. The fact is, whether domestic or commercial, we’re here to support large parcels delivery that local people and businesses can rely on.

If you have a larger than normal package which is impossible to send via the Royal Mail, or which a generally cheap parcels delivery service is unable to pick up and support for you, it makes sense to reach out to large item couriers instead. Couriers for large items will have pallets and heavy duty vehicles available to take on some of the biggest and bulkiest items around. Even if you are taking your items and packages to Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, France, Lithuania, Luxembourg or elsewhere, you’re going to need to find a team that can support your large parcel demands across the miles.

Heavy items through traditional parcel delivery, large capacity vehicles available or not, might be subject to high pricing. Same day delivery on large item demands, too, are likely to carry hefty fees through general couriers. That’s why it makes sense to look for the best prices and cheap quotes from a large item courier service specialised in handling super-large products.

You can be sure that a large item courier will have the vehicles, technology and years of experience to safely handle deliver your bulky products from end to end. There’s no need to worry about general couriers taking a parcel for delivery and struggling to treat it with care.

Choose Reliant

We offer affordable quotes and timescales regardless of the items you need us to pick up, and regardless of when you might need them dropping off. Therefore, always make sure to make sure you are only ever going to get what you pay for.

Call our direct number if you’d like to courier large item demands at short notice, too – and we will be sure to set you up with an affordable quote.

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Can I have my parcel collected from my home or office?

As long as our drivers can safely pick up the item, without risk of injury, we can pick up and deliver it for you.

Do you have any packaging tips for using a courier service or parcel delivery company?

Yes, we have an article dedicated to helping you. Click here.

Do you offer a large parcel delivery service?

Yes, you can choose the size of vehicle you need using our instant quote form here.

Can I have a parcel collected and delivered to me same day?

Yes, you can. Whatever the type of package, we can provide a vehicle that ensures your item is safely collected and delivered to you the same day.

Is there a weight limit to send packages through a courier service?

Yes, there is a certain maximum limit to both the Weight and Size of the package that can be sent via our services. Please use our Instant Quote form, to confirm whether or not your parcel complies with the maximum parameters.

Are there any restrictions on what we can deliver?

Yes – certain items are classed as Restricted Items which means that though we can transport them, they are carried on a no-compensation basis (incase of loss and damage).

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Customer Reviews

Didi Didi 18th January 2022


Tom Livingstone 03/09/2021

Excellent services from a reliable and trusted company. I always recommend them.

Natalie Spokes 24/11/2020

5 star service! Highly recommend.

Adamo Lucien 28/10/2020

Wow, if you need a courier Reliant Couriers Ltd is the best. No drama, no hassle, just excellent couriering. This was the easiest transaction of my life.

Ryan Hall 10/12/2019

5 Star Service, Sent a Pallet and Received it back a Week later as planned, Email confirmations of everything as it was happening. There was a Change of plan and I Added a second pallet for collection of 600kg £25,000 Machine and there was no Drama's what so ever. Will definitely use them again.