Looking for a Reliable Courier? How to Choose The Best Courier

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Top Tips for Choosing a Reliable Courier

Are you looking for a reliable courier to help you with parcel tracking and regular shipments? Whether for business or private use, finding the right parcel delivery service isn’t always simple. Therefore, you’re probably going to need to do a fair bit of comparing and research!

However, it really does help to know what you’re looking for in the best courier services before you reach out to anyone for quotes or prices. As leading couriers in our local region, we’re happy to tick all the right boxes!

However, here are a few tips and pointers you should keep in mind if you are generally looking for a reliable courier for a long-term partnership.

What’s Their Unique Selling Point, or USP?

Every business has a USP, and the same goes for couriers. At least, they should have a clear selling point ready to go which sets them apart from the pack!

It’s all well and good a courier service telling you that they are the best at what they do. How do they demonstrate this? Do they offer packages and prices which directly compete with the wider market? Can they deliver certain items which other couriers don’t?

There are plenty of things to comb through when you’re looking for the best parcel delivery service to fit your needs. Make sure you have a clear list of priorities and be ready to drill down into what makes courier services in your area so unique.

Don’t Always ‘Go Big’

Go big or go home, as they say, but does that really apply when it comes to finding a reliable courier service? Maybe not.

Big, national firms can offer you a great service and plenty of support. However, there are plenty of perks to signing up with a smaller or local firm, too.

This is because a smaller unit, or one which is exclusively based in your area or region, will be able to help give you a tailored service that is personal and bespoke to your needs.

When you choose a bigger firm, there is always that risk you will ‘get lost in their system’. If you value customer service as much as we do, you’re going to need to look for a courier who can afford to give you the time of day!

Don’t Focus Purely on Pricing

We’re with you – the first thing you’re probably going to think about when looking for courier services is the price. How much will it cost you to set up regular consignments? Are there any additional fees or charges for particular times of day or areas?

It’s a really good idea to budget ahead and to find a company that’s within your financial wheelhouse. However, you shouldn’t be so ready to jump in with a courier service who’s main USP is low prices. Low prices are great, but it doesn’t always mean you’re getting great value.

When looking for a reliable courier service, this word is absolutely vital – value. Great value may cost more than the cheapest courier services on the block, but it will mean that you get a great standard of care and support. It’s also a great idea to look with a company with an instant quoting tool, therefore you can save time by figuring out the upfront costs. 

You could receive advanced tracking, insurance options, and even a more extensive series of delivery services. Great value is being able to confidently trust a courier service to get an item from A to B for you without you having to break the bank. But at the same time, don’t always assume that the cheaper couriers in your region are always going to offer you the best quality care and guidance. 

Look Carefully at Delivery Options

Again, this should be a pretty obvious point to make, but you should always be looking at the range of delivery and pickup services a courier has to offer before you set up any kind of deal. Again, cheaper couriers may help you to save money, but if they don’t offer you the range of deliveries or the timescales your logistics demand, then you are going to be wasting your time as well as your cash.

It pays to be smart about delivery options. If you are running a business, which parcel delivery options do you promise to your customers and shoppers? Could they benefit from next day shipping? Do you need to make sure that your items are fully insured or given extra protection on route?

If so, always drill down into the delivery standards and services couriers have to offer you. This should be the first indicator that they are worth your time and money.  



Look at Reviews!

Reviews and word of mouth really do account for a lot in the modern age, and it’s all thanks to the internet. There are a variety of ways for people to leave honest opinions about couriers online, whether through their own websites, through their Google Business pages, or through their social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

It’s worth taking a closer look at what other people have to say. Verifiable reviews will be easy to spot, and companies worth their salt will be ready to comments and discuss claims made online to ensure that you get a fair picture of who you’re dealing with.

Essentially, a company with low prices and zero reviews is going to be much less reliable than an experienced firm with plenty of ratings and good scores from customers, regardless of the prices they set.


Take Your Time

The number one point to keep in mind is that there really is no rush, at least not when it comes to setting up with courier services. The best services will be ready to support you as soon as you’re good to go ahead.

There’s never any obligation when it comes to setting up courier services through our team. Make a point of looking at our services and packages now and do get in touch if we can be of any further assistance. Looking for reliable courier services in your area? We can help.

Hopefully we have answered any questions you had.

If you do have any other questions don’t hesitate to give us a call on 020 7550 6589

Customer Reviews

Reliant Couriers LTD

Customer Reviews

Didi Didi 18th January 2022


Tom Livingstone 03/09/2021

Excellent services from a reliable and trusted company. I always recommend them.

Natalie Spokes 24/11/2020

5 star service! Highly recommend.

Adamo Lucien 28/10/2020

Wow, if you need a courier Reliant Couriers Ltd is the best. No drama, no hassle, just excellent couriering. This was the easiest transaction of my life.

Ryan Hall 10/12/2019

5 Star Service, Sent a Pallet and Received it back a Week later as planned, Email confirmations of everything as it was happening. There was a Change of plan and I Added a second pallet for collection of 600kg £25,000 Machine and there was no Drama's what so ever. Will definitely use them again.